First Wave Taster

First Wave Taster

Duration: 2 hours / Difficulty: Easy

Please call Sarah on 07786 034403 if you prefer to book in the traditional manner

Participants aged under 10, we need a non-participating adult/carer in the water with them - a wetsuit is provided for the adult/carer

Meet at Walking On Waves Decking no later than 30 minutes before your lesson start time 

6 steps lesson instruction

  1. First, we go through the safety talk on the beach where we cover the flag systems used by the lifeguards, dangerous currents and how to avoid problems in the sea, and you will also be shown the signal you need to know if you ever get into trouble in the water.
  2. Then I will explain the basic parts of the board and how to hold the board whilst trying to get through the waves and which waves you will be looking to catch.
  3. Next, we go through how to lie on your board and explain how to paddle into waves and the timing involved in catching them.
  4. The next stage is finding out which way each individual is comfortable standing on the board (either Left foot forward or right foot forward). Once that is decided I show you the correct way to stand on the surfboard when you ride the waves.
  5. At this stage, I demonstrate the techniques for standing up on the board from the prone position. There are a few ways of doing this. Those of you who might not be quite as agile as others, don’t be put off! I have some cunning plans - It’s not as hard as it looks.
  6. Last we go through a safety reminder and then head off into the surf, where I circulate around the group, helping and guiding you by explaining what you are doing right and wrong.


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